Who We Are

Ethan Kennedy

I strive to create positive impact through creative solutions.

When I initially started my first job this issue became relevant to me, I would constantly see my co-workers being taken advantage of as well as myself. This went on for a long time and none of us spoke up because we didn't want to risk losing our jobs. Don't Stand Alone has been my way of shedding light on past problems for my co-workers, friends, and family as well as helping teens develop the confidence to stand up and seek help.

Saba Mumladze

There was a time when I turned a blind eye to an apparent problem.

People very close to my heart would tell me gut-wrenching stories about awful things they had to face at work. I consoled them and helped them through the problem. Over time I heard more of these stories, and the more I heard, the more unconsciously convinced I became that facing negative experiences at work such as harassment was normal.

Don’t Stand Alone is my response to the horrors of workplace harassment, and I hope it is a response that will inspire others to also stand up, reject the status quo, and become the change that our community needs.