What is Don't Stand Alone

Equipping teens with the knowledge they need to deal with workplace harassment.

Teen harassment at the workplace is not an issue commonly addressed in our society, despite the large-scale negative effects it has on those just starting to join the workforce. It is a detrimental issue that is overlooked until a tragedy unfolds.

Don’t Stand Alone is a group of high schoolers seeking to shed light on an issue that affects many of our peers. We envision a community that is aware that most teens, regardless of their race, age or gender, face life-altering incidents of harassment at the workplace. We hope to see our community more conscious of the issue and support the victims and survivors of harassment in the workplace.

Stand with us, together, to change our community into a more mindful, safe space.

How Don't Stand Alone was Founded

Once finding an issue that needed to be solved we searched for hours upon hours to find relevant information that actually held answers. The resources we found online were either irrelevant or outdated; this caused us to brainstorm and decide that there needs to be a one stop shop where teens can get as much information they need, as well as connect with others that are in or have gone through the same situations. Don't Stand Alone was created with the desire that teenage workers would not have to fear going to work because they now have the right resources to stand up and use the tools we provided them.

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Who We Are

Saba Mumladze

Ethan Kennedy