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What inspired Don't Stand Alone

As teenagers we saw a clear problem: many of our friends were facing issues that were under-addressed in our community. Seeing how much of a negative impact it had on our peers, we decided to step up and make a change.

What resources does Don't Stand Alone provide for the community

Don't Stand Alone was founded with the desire to give teenagers the resources they need to find confidence in the workplace. Don't Stand Alone offers a packet of information as well as testimonials, inspiration, and handouts!

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What is the Mission of Don't Stand Alone

Our mission is to educate and equip teen workers with the skills they need to deal with complex issues in the workplace.

What if I want to share my story?

We appreciate your interest in helping our cause! Please feel free to email us at or message us on social media. We believe that testimonies should be fully anonymous but stories should be shared.

Thank you for making a difference

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How can I help

Thank you for supporting Don't Stand Alone. The goal of Don't Stand Alone is to reach as many tennagers as possible, you can help by sharing Don't Stand Alone on social media as well as using the hashtag: #dontstandalone in your social media posts/stories.

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Bring Don't Stand Alone to your school

Don't Stand Alone was created to be a short course in schools. Originating at Air Academy High School Don't Stand Alone has paved its way into the FBLA and DECA classrooms teaching students how to combat teenage workplace harassment, alongside their standard business lessons. The videos and information that Don't Stand Alone created were made with the hope that the information will make its way into every classroom.

Feel free to reach out to Don't Stand Alone through email or social media if you would be interested in using these resources in your classroom!

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